In this era of massive data generation, access to information and understanding of data represent key areas of competitive leverage for innovative organizations.
BIOLEDGE offers a creative methodology to successfully monitor your technological and competitive environment, enabling you to make the right strategic decisions.


  • Detect the latest technological evolutions
  • Discover new promising technologies
  • Find new technical solutions
  • Challenge your R&I with new knowledge
  • Identify experts and KOLs
  • Examine your competitors or partners
  • File a patent application
  • Monitor drug adverse reactions


Organization face increasingly complex and costly access to strategic information:

  • A growing production of information
  • A massive amount of data from around the world
  • Projects which are increasingly complex and interdisciplinary, requiring new technological fields of exploration
  • Too much time spent collecting and processing the information to the detreiment of analysis and operational tasks


Our solutions combine our scientific expertise with our technical skills in data search and data visualization to add to our experience helping innovative organizations in the life science. This added value allows us to :


  • Give deep insights leading to more informed decisions
  • Ensure a wide information searchs


hours weekly per employee to search information

Source : McKinsey


more time<br /> spent searching information

Source : Outsell

searches<br /> to obtain needed<br /> information

Source : SearchYourCloud

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