What you need

  • Challenge your R&I with new knowledges
  • Detect recent technological developments
  • Find new technical solutions
  • Identify experts and KOLs
  • Identify co-development partners

Our answer

We give you the specific information you need to make informed business decisions at every step of your project.


Global analysis of major and emerging therapeutic approaches


Mapping of key and   new players


Scientific medicalinformation search & analysis


Focus on your competitors’ market and technological positioning

Your challenges

  • Detect new technological developments
  • Discover new applications
  • Detect emerging technologies
  • File a patent application
  • Identify a co-development partner

Our services

  • Technology mapping
  • Technological overview
  • State-of-art in science and technology
  • Prior art search

Your challenges

  • Examine emerging players
  • Detect relationships between actors
  • Identify KOLs
  • Transfer your technologies to industry

Our services


  • Competitors mapping
  • Clinical trials sponsors mapping
  • Biotechs and pharmas mapping
  • Leaders / KOLs mapping
  • Market overview

Your challenges

  • Challenge your R&I with new knowledge
  • Detect recent technological developments

Our services

  • Literature search / Bibliographic review
  • Therapeutic approaches mapping
  • Clinical trials mapping
  • Scientific monitoring

Your challenges

  • Secure your partnerships
  • Increase your licensing performance

Your services

  • Financial information
  • Products pipeline
  • Technological positioning
  • Network of partners
  • SWOT analysis

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